House rule

1) Kindness

Friendly and respectful cooperation.


2) Parking

Only use the desired parking spaces.

Keep driveways, doors and gates clear day and night.


3) smoking

Smoking outside only.

Unauthorized smoking in the apartment will be charged at a cost of 100 to 200 euros.


4) Ashtray

use an ashtray.

There are ashtrays for your cigarette butts at the house, in the parking lot and on the smoking tables.


5) Waste sorting

You have to separate the garbage.

• The yellow bag is for plastic, composite packaging, aluminum and tin cans.

• The blue sack or the rubbish bins are for residual waste such as leftovers.

• There is a box for used glass, returnable glass and deposit cans.

• There is a box for waste paper.


6) Kitchen hygiene

Always wash away immediately.

Always wash used dishes completely immediately after meals and place in the drying rack.

Put away dry dishes in the morning.


7) Save energy

Heating period = window closed.

The windows remain closed during the heating period (from September to May).

It makes sense to ventilate for five minutes with wide open windows or a draft.

Windows open = heating off.

Then there is fresh air in the room, the windows are closed again and the heating is turned up again.


8) WiFi

The access data for your Wi-Fi / WLAN are on the note on the fridge.


9) Key delivery

When you leave, simply leave the key inside the room door.

If we arrange it extra:

Put the key in the mailbox when you leave.